A Bathroom is just a bathroom...or not?

A bathroom is not anymore an anonymous room "straight ahead, on your left, along the corridor" but has become a room in itself where to relax, unwind, read, perhaps entertain?
Bathrooms are now more spacious and use new materials, new technology, new forms.

 Taking care of our body and of our soul

 A domestic spa, the multi function "Avec Toi" by Kos.   It can accommodate more than one person and becomes also Turkish bath,Chromotherapy, Massage therapy, while surrounded by music and with the use of a touch screen.
 "Unlimited System" by Teuco allows you to choose inch by inch the size of the shower box.   

 A shower for everyone: "Easy Way" by Titan.
No more challenges, big space, big opening, several handles, a seat, great comfort.     

 And then the accessories like this Curtain made of brushed aluminum
                                               "Onda" by Hego                                    

The radiator "Tubone" by Antrax


The tiles "Dechirer" designed by Patricia Urquiola (who lately has a penchant for lace patterns) for Mutina

Other tiles by Ragno, "Textile" series, some are also tridimensional or with metal inserts.

The LED lights "Sandwich Colours" with ultra slim shower heads, by Cristina Rubinetterie to make you dance in the shower, not just sing!

The extreme beauty of the Faucet "Flower" by Hego, a Pyrex cylinder with innovative technology making water flowing from below into the vase.

 Form and function go together in this freestanding tub by Rapsel, made of white resin, with the enveloping ergonomic backrest similar to the iconic Jacobsen chair.


   What else should I say...a bathroom is not anymore "just" a bathroom.


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