Brillante choice: E' De Padova

De Padova
A classic piece that can match even the most contemporary interiors. It recreates an atmosphere reminiscent of the elegant British ottoman, with a unique and decorative work of quilted leather typical of the timeless style of èDePadova collections. Very versatile as a wide square seat or a support for books and magazines, perhaps even taking the place of the usual coffee table between sofas.
√ąDePadova is one of my favorite stores in Milan. Maddalena De Padova, the owner, not only is an extremely smart and avant-garde lady but also lived for long time with another icon in the design world, Arch.Vico Magistretti. Here are a few pictures of her house in the center of Milan where light and greenery enter from every window. Magistretti changed completely the layout eliminating several doors and allowing the space to be more open and continuous. As you can see the interior decoration is quite minimalist, very clean, simple and airy, like in a Nordic house. Maddalena De Padova was the first to introduce to Italy many decades ago natural wood furniture, American designers, a totally new style of design and all this reflects in her house, which is also not a typical upscale Milanese house but more like a country house.

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Unusual house exterior for Milan, a jewel hidden in a narrow and short street in the heart of the city, but inside a true Milanese understated elegant home.


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