16 days and Blogger Love Friday

What's 16 days you ask? THAT, my friends, is how many days it's been since my last post. Really? Well, at least my crazy schedule is only PARTLY to blame. On top of our amazingly fully lives, I have also had Blogger issues that past few days. Ugh! And a second, ugh! 

Needless to say, all of that is behind me now...thankfully. I can now update you all on all of the fun things happening over here at RHI and with my life! I don't, however, want to steal the spotlight from another awesome blogger girlfriend who I am getting to know and have followed for a while now. She's pretty amazing. Her name? Michele. The PRIMP Queen herself. I just love this lady and all that she does and she knows how to throw a mean virtual "party" each week too! 

Who's behind {Primp}?

You may recognize this...

How many of you have joined Michele on Wednesdays? Even if you don't have pieces to share, it's fun to see her picks for the week and see all of the fun things others have to share. 


How did your love of design turn into a passion?
I've been decorating ever since my husband and I bought our first home 15 years ago. I became addicted to home decorating type blogs a few years ago and just decided that it would be fun to start one too, to record my own obsession with decorating.

What inspires you the most? 
Blogs, some magazines and my new obsession: Pinterest.

What's the one thing you wish people knew about you that most don't?
I have no professional training in decorating, painting, etc. People are always asking questions (which I love) on technique, rules, etc. Truth is, I just do what I love, buy what I love, don't follow decorating or painting rules, don't prime, etc., etc., and it still seems to work out just fine. 

Is there a piece that you've finished that you're still kicking yourself for selling?
There isn't a piece of furniture I regret selling, there's always new ones to replace the ones I sold, but there are a few pieces that I've passed up at the thrift that haunt me--in particular, there was one dresser that would have made a great buffet that I passed up because of some missing pieces--I still keep thinking about that one!

How would you describe your design style?
I'd say my style is a mix of some of my favorites: farmhouse, shabby chic, industrial and country.

So, hopefully you feel like you've gotten to know Michele a little better and will head over to her place and show some love, follow, leave a comment. She'll be happy to hear from you! 

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Love, love. love you!


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