The Trouble Spot and Commitment

Well, at least ONE of them! For those of you waiting, I am still working on the dresser and a few other furniture projects around the house. 

I've also decided that I am done with our dining area and how absolutely boring it is so I want to start the process of putting the "RHI stamp" on it.

With so many things on my to do list, I have GOT to start prioritizing things around here so that I can actually get some projects around our own home completed. 

I want to keep my word with you all so I'm working hard to get the faux finish tutorial up for you. I promise it'll be worth the wait! But, in the meantime, I kinda need your help.

Most of you know after reading this, that we are in a rental home. It took almost an entire year for me to settle with that and decide to begin making this house of ours, no matter how temporary, a home.

The next couple of months or so I would like to focus my energy on this space...

That would be our cute little sweet pea doing her homework as I snapped away!

It's our dining area. And, well, it's a little sad. I want it to be "happy" and to really express who we are as a family. The challenge, of course, is that it's technically not our home. I've thought of so many amazing ideas to make this a better place for all of us none of which exclude moving a wall or knocking something out of the way.

I also have issues when it comes to decorating my own home. Seems I can never commit. Ask me to help someone else design or decorate a space, I'm on it. Ideas flow freely. My space? Cricket, cricket.

So, as you can see, it's pretty much a blank canvas and the wall colors are neutral which I feel is a good thing but I'd love to make that wall (that one right there) a focal wall and perhaps even do a decorative paint technique, stencil or just paint it a different color altogether.

Our living space, which is directly behind this area is quite neutral with brown, tans, hues of blues and grays. (I know, exciting) Honestly, I love that space. You can see it here. But, in our dining area I want it to be cohesive with the living space but I'd love to pull in a different color.

I love this print from I thought I could use this for new panels on the windows and start there. 
Duralee Kalah Blue

But, I also love this one...
Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Umber

But I know that this one blends in with the wall color way too much. 

Then, there's this one...
Magnolia Home Fashions Java Ikat Spa

I kinda actually REALLY love this one. It's ALMOST perfect. 

Can you see my problem now? Commitment. I just can't seem to commit to any one idea for this space. Ultimately, within the next couple of weeks I will decide on a fabric for the panels, choose to paint or not and decide on what will go on that focal wall. 

All of those decisions would be easier if you could help me! Pretty, please? With a cherry on top? 
Which fabric choice do you think would look best in the space and what are your ideas for THAT wall? That big, blank wall. 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 


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