The joy of summer: dinner al fresco

For the warm, sunny days of summer nothing better than sitting at a table outdoor: a large garden, a small patio, a balcony, use whatever space you have to enjoy the season with the vibrant colors of fruits and flowers.
Nature is at its best.
Use a colorful tablecloth, possibly with flowers, at times garage sales have vintage linens or even vibrant bedspreads like the one above, which can be used to cover a large table. Decorate alternating bowls of fruits, pots of plants or fresh herbs and vases of wildflowers.A bottle of chilled Prosecco and a pitcher of lemonade, a simple plate of prosciutto and melon, some figs and salame, goat cheese and fresh bread is all you need.

Enjoy your family and friends "al fresco" on a warm Sunday afternoon.


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