A Fine Balance

    This is how I feel today!

I am fairly new at Blogging and today I needed to stop for a moment and think ...
 Who am I talking to?
Are you listening to me or become easily distracted, annoyed, bored?

sidelongglance Robert Doisneau

 I have noticed a steady growth in my audience but I need to know:
"Am I giving you information and resources that are helpful, practical and relevant?"
Or... scary thought..."am I just polluting the blogosphere?"

-  I truly love to talk about Italian Design but is it interesting to a mostly North American audience?
-  I truly love to present Italian Designers and Decorators ideas but are they too far
   to reach and to be appreciated here?
-  I truly love to talk about Milan...and nobody can stop me on that!

Elliott Erwitt  Elliott Erwitt

Please let me know your honest opinion, I will accept (even if I will not follow...) any constructive comments to find my "Fine Blogging Balance".
Yours truly.


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