Final report from IDSwest 2010, Vancouver

Brent Comber design at IDSwest

This is the final report from IDSwest, Vancouver, with some brief encounters of
interesting people and great products:

IDSwest Sarah Richardson
Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe at IDSwest
Our famous Sarah Richardson talked at length about Interior design and if you want to know more just read the post that Marcus Design wrote (Nancy was sitting near me, first row, not to miss one word, one gesture of this so well loved designer)

IDSwest 2010 Origins
Marie Khouri at IDSwest

I met for the first time Marie Khouri, a talented sculptor who presented at IDSwest these beautiful organic pieces in a landscape installation called Origins.

IDSwest Marie Khouri
Marie Khouri design at IDSwest

Who does not know Martha Sturdy gorgeous objects and paintings?

IDSwest 2010 Martha Sturdy 2
Martha Sturdy design at IDSwest

IDSwest  Martha Sturdy 1
Martha Sturdy design at IDSwest

Tina Dente from Bloom Furniture Studio posed for me with their new line of furniture from Italy: Pedrali

IDSwest 2010 Bloom 4
Pedrali for Bloom at IDSwest

IDSwest 2010 Bloom 1
Pedrali for Bloom at IDSwest

 And finally two talented Vancouver designers, Patricia Gray and Judith Latowski celebrating new inspirations and exchanging ideas at the fun Breeder Bar.

IDSwest Patricia Gray and Judith Latowski
Patricia Gray and Judith Latowski at IDSwest

Cheers to a great event and see you all next year at IDSwest 2011.

Photography © by Albarosa Simonetti

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