Selezioni Innovative Stone Design

                                                               Selezioni innovative stone design

If you want to have stunning pieces of 3D marble or innovative stone surfacing in your home look no further, Selezioni Innovative Stone Design is a company based in Vancouver with the greatest selection of textured stones. Marta and Marco Rocca are originally from Milan and I am so glad that they are now back in Vancouver with their stunning products.

Selezioni Innovative Stone design
Luxe series by Selezioni stone design

Selezioni Innovative Stone design6
Luxe series by Selezioni stone design

"The Luxe Series highlights various design influences from classical to contemporary."

Selezioni Innovative stone Design2
Techno by Selezioni stone design

"An avant-garde collection highlighted by distinct shapes and sinuous curves."

Selezioni Innovative Stone design3
Dunes by Selezioni stone design

Selezioni Innovative Stone Design7
Dunes by Selezioni stone design

"Inspired by the natural movements of sands in the great deserts"

Selezioni Innovative Stone design8
Decora stones by Selezioni stone design

"Decora Stones are sculpted from a selection of marble and guilded to highlight the modernist designs."

From Selezioni website:
"The experience that Selezioni brings to its’ innovative stone surfacing enhances the natural stone materials with new dimensions in textured finishes. Ideal for feature wall applications in residential settings such as entry hallways, corridors, fireplace surrounds, bathroom areas and spas".

Selezioni Innovative Stone Design5
Selezioni stone design showroom

Marta and Marco Rocca in their elegant showroom.

Their products were also displayed at the latest IDSwest at AEON's booth.

IDSwest 2010 Selezioni
 Selezioni stone design at IDSwest 2010

IDSwest 2010 Selezioni 2
Selezioni stone design at IDSwest 2010

Take a look at their website HERE and enjoy the beauty of their creations.

Photography © by Albarosa Simonetti

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