A Hübsch favourite: Notre Dame

Earlier this week, we wrote a little about our visit to Copenhagen in the autumn holiday. As promised, we will also tell you a little about the interior shop Notre Dame, which we dropped by on our visit.

The shop is centrally located in Copenhagen, right next to Vor Frue Kirke, by the main shopping street. The shop takes its name from the church, as Notre Dame means Vor Frue or Our Lady.

Notre Dame has a very large assortment of products, and according to owner Pia Kiel, they offer their customers more than 5.000 different products, in a world of different shapes and colours. A lot of Hübsch products are sold in the shop, but you will also find an abundance of other delightful products in the large boutique.

One particular reason that we like Notre Dame is their helpfulness. They seem to always do their best to help their customers find, what they are looking for - even if it's not in stock.

If you would like to read more about Notre Dame, you can visit their website at www.notredame.dk, but we do recommend that you visit the shop itself, if you are ever in the neighborhood.

You can find Notre Dame her:
Nørregade 7, 1165 København K
Tel.: +45 3315 1703
E-mail: info@notredame.dk


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