Source of inspiration: Wonderful Copenhagen

The last weekend of the autumn holiday was spent in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

One purpose of the trip was to gather inspiration, which was done by browsing a few, small flea markets and gathering impressions from various places around the magnificent capital.

We also took the time to visit a Hübsch-favourite in Copenhagen, interior shop "Notre Dame". We will update you on the shop-visit later this week.

Visiting flea markets around the world is always a great source of inspiration for us. We rarely find what we are looking for, which is one of the charming things about flea markets - you find the wonderful treasures that you didn't know, you were looking for.

Some of our findings end up as re-productions of old, unique products, while most findings in some way inspire us to create our own designs. Inspiration may come in the form of shapes, patterns or colours, which are then used when designing new products in our own Hübsch-style.

Combining our inspiration trips with fun and experiences is also very important to us, so a visit to Tivoli was a necessity. And in the light of Halloween, we experienced how creativity unfolded itself in other ways than product designs.

A trip to the capital is not complete without a visit to Amalienborg Palace, winter home of the Danish royal family. Watching the changing of the guard rounded off a wonderful visit to wonderful Copenhagen. We know, we’ll return sometime soon.


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