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Two out of our four kiddos love drawing and creating things with their hands. I'd like to say they get it from...well, their mama.

They also love to hang their creations up all over the house with washi tape, Scotch tape, pretty much whatever they can find to make it stick to walls, doors, furniture...

I decided that instead of having pieces of paper and artwork all over the house that we would consolidate their masterpieces and contain them in one area of the house. A kids' gallery wall if you will.

Yesterday, I needed to run out to Target to pick up a few things and if you're a Target shopper you know you can't just go into that place without checking out a bazillion other things that SHOULD have been on your list. This is especially true when it comes to their clearance sections. Right?

I found these frames marked down to $0.88 each. What? I just knew I could do something with them and then I remembered I'd wanted to make a gallery wall for the kiddos so I snatched them up! All 12 of them! Yippee!

Since I am loving Rub'n Buff and all things gold right now, what better way to transform and accent these frames than to add a dab of the liquid gold goodness to them to help them "pop" off the wall?
You really don't need much when using Rub'n Buff for a project, just your finger. Since I had a lot of frames and I am an OCD crafter, I used a paintbrush to coat these frames.
I didn't get a good pic of the in-between of applying the wax to the frame but the process doesn't look amazing.
First, I dropped a little of the wax on each side of the frame. A little really does go a long way.
After that, I just took my brush and begin to spread it {in one direction} along the sides of each frame. You really don't want to go back and forth with the wax. It begins to cure pretty quickly and if you do, this will happen...
See those areas that look a little thicker than the others? That's because I got a little crazy with the dolloping. {yup, that is a word!}
I ended up going back after the wax cured and sanding very lightly to get rid of the rough spots and then waxed over with a VERY small amount. Hey, practice makes perfect and I am still getting to know the product.
This little project only took about an hour from start to finish. That is, of course, since I decided I am SO BAD at hanging pics so I used Dap and Museum putty instead of nails for pics until the hubs could work his magic. Yep, sure did.
I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?
Have you used Rub'n Buff or any other products to transform your home d├ęcor lately? I'd love to see them!

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