Fashionable day in Milano

Wonderful Fifi of fun, informative, creative and colourful blog Fifi Flowers today has posted on Milano, my first city. As I said in my comment to that post it was a Proustian moment to see those images of rainy days.
I immediately felt like being there, I heard the sound of traffic on wet cobblestones, the Tram swooshing by, the chatting of people strolling under the arcade in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, crowded especially on rainy days, the music of a church bell, I saw the colours and lights of the stores windows, more vivid in a rainy day, I even felt the smell of an espresso coming out of a steamy machine at "Barba del Corso" and the sound of a spoon stirring the sugar in it and the clicking of a cup returning to its saucer.
A city in fact is also defined by its noises, its smells, its play with light, not only by architecture, just like a house where every single little noise like the opening of a door, the squeak of a drawer, the distinctive sound of the bell are so familiar that become integral part of our home.
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